Starling - general thread

Yeah, just read that in the Other Place.

About 50 now, allegedly. Not looked as don’t use it as a spend card tbh.

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And I bet someone uses them all :flushed:

Missed some :sweat_smile:

It bugs me that “Transfer” isn’t in alphabetical order…

Just for completeness, business accounts seem to have been grouped (which seems better). Although not sure if some are new (don’t recall ‘vehicles’) -

“Takeaway” and “Eating Out”, but no “Pub”. :rage:

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Maybe because they’re looking to categorise what you were doing, and not where you were doing it ? :joy:

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And still not sorted out so it shows payments from spaces in the spending tab

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My Friday night sessions don’t tend to involve eating (apart from the odd pack of crisps/peanuts). So “Eating Out” doesn’t really cover it.

Obviously, the takeaway comes later when I invariably order a huge kebab which I only get halfway through, having the remainder warmed up for lunch the next day. :joy:

Would Drinks not cover it then? :beers: :wine_glass:


Of course :joy:

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Oh, I didn’t spot that one!

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My needs of a bank account are fairly basic; I pay a couple of standing orders each month, a couple of direct debits, and make bank transfers on a whim.

Almost all of my spending goes on a credit card.

I use YNAB for planning my spending and obtaining other metrics (so not tied in to any provider or service).

So while Starling offer a great personal bank account with lots of frills, it’s kinda dead to me. My simple needs are met perfectly by the imperfect Chase.

A Chase savings accounts is effectively used as a current account while earning 1.5% interest (as it supports DDs, SOs, and FPS payments). The Chase current account is used for card, ATM, and foreign transactions (where I don’t want to use my credit card). And nicely separates my main balance from the card.

It’s a shame really as I like the Starling app. Just not keen on their customer services though.


This is great, an improvement certainly, however for those of us that get paid in the middle of the month, the inability to set your months start date (this can be done on other banks apps by the way) makes the spend tracking feature completely useless.

I get paid on 60 and 90 day terms, so my outgoings have no relation to my income on a monthly basis. I’d rather income was ignored altogether and they just provide running 3-month, 6-month and 12-month averages for spending, track income separately and leave the last bit of maths to me. A monthly cycle is just meaningless for me

New iOS update available

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Starling seem to be having a dig at a certain bank(s?).

Although i could be interpreting it the wrong way🤦‍♂️

From a bank with a dedicated page to doing exactly that?! :rofl::rofl:

Completely forgot they have this scheme. I’m shocked they didn’t push it at the end of the carousel on the post….

I have no words…

Doesn’t Chase have 1/6th of the total amount of customers Starling does, despite only being here since September 21?