Starling - general thread

They do, it seems.

They had plenty of money to throw at it though, albeit currently backfiring with the waiting room.

But don’t Starling have a massive investor? Why didn’t they chuck money at the public to get custom as Chase has done?

I’d hazard a guess that Starling are pretty well on their way to profitability, so don’t need/want to throw money at potential new customers.
If anyone knows different, I’d happily be corrected.

At the start of their journey though, they didn’t have the same growth Chase has experienced. That’s what I’m referring towards.

Didn’t they hit a profit last year, or am i mistaken?


I do remember reading something about a profit, but not heard a lot since.

Throwing money at new customers is gold dust in something like banking though, customers (by large) are relatively captive for life as the inertia bar is massive

Fair point.
Out of curiosity, have Starling ever offered any real incentives?
(I can’t recall any, apart from their in-credit interest, which is now insignificant)

Anne Boden is on Question Time tonight - BBC One at 22:40, for anyone who is interested.


There was a Black Friday refer-a-friend incentive a few years ago. I don’t remember the details other than it wasn’t very good.

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They used to give a pair of socks for 5 referrals, of which I have no idea where my pair are