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Question for aficionados:
I’m now using Spaces quite a bit. Is there anywhere that I can see my overall balance?

(It appears I have a total for the main account and a separate total, being the aggregate of Spaces balances)

The only way I can see is by going to settings, statements and documents, and then interest rates.

But, that shows you the cleared balance discounting any pending transactions. I’ve not found another way, but maybe there is that someone else will share

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Thanks Mathew. It does seem a simple fix, a summary on the accounts screen. But then if no one has suggested it needs fixing…… then I guess it ain’t deemed broke (Chekhov :grinning:).

Well. I’ve just asked the question about displaying the totals somewhere more accessible than where @Mathew kindly found it.

Very quick response but regrettably it doesn’t advance things. Maybe they didn’t grasp my query.

“Hi Graham, we are afraid that this is not an option due to the fact that the funds stored in Spaces are separated from the overall balance. The funds in Spaces are ring-fenced and not affected by the main account expenses.”

Lost me with that reply :roll_eyes::man_shrugging::joy::joy:

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d never have even thought to look under interest rates for the balance. Makes me wonder what other things I’ve yet to come across.

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Er, isn’t the total in Spaces displayed at the top of the list? It is for me!

Edit: unless you mean your entire account balance, in which case Mathew’s answer is the right one.

Yes, this. The current placement seems rather arbitrary. CS has passed my query on to the Team.

It’s a tiny issue in the scheme of things. But if I were in the development team, I think I’d want to tweak things in this regard.

I agree it should be clearer. It’s what you actually have in the bank at the end of the day. I know the interest figure gives you the cleared balance, but if they’re using the pending balance as the main balance, it should be displayed to help with planning and budgeting etc.

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A reply from the app developers this morning (2.07am).

….is a very nice way to describe our app - we like it! We’ve noted your feedback, good point and thanks for your review. Team Starling "

Eyes peeled for an app tweak. If they do, that’ll be nice. :blush:

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My girlfriend switched out of starling and the switch finished today. When the switch completed she went into the app and was able to make a new current account.

Now she has a starling account there incase anything goes wrong with Chase. She doesn’t even have to order a card yet.

Is this a glitch or have they removed the 12 month rule?

Maybe a change of policy but haven’t heard of it changing

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I’m hoping they don’t have their account closed :joy:

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Just tried after CASS’ing to Nationwide in October and no luck. Still have to wait 12 months :cry:

Starling appear to have paused opening new accounts. The cited reason from Starling is that they’re making changes and improvements to the account opening process, but I wonder if there might be something more to the story. :eyes:

Just had a look at their website, and it seems you can apply on the site itself. Has that always been a thing? :thinking:


Yes that’s new always use to be app only??

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Could that be what they’re up to?

I just can’t fathom why they’d disable the process of opening new accounts whilst they make changes and improvements. Normally you’d think they’d keep the existing process in place until those changes and improvements are ready to be rolled out.

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They probably want to reduce their liability in case something goes wrong. They do not want to be cashing out thousands compensating people.

Before they stopped applications my partner switched out of starling and was able to open a new account the same day.

Looks like they have removed the 12 month limit now.

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