Starting the conversation

Welcome to Fintech Forum!

I was disappointed to hear last week that Fintech Talk had closed down, but I admire Liam for what he did, and some of the grief he put up within the process. I really think the place had great potential and a great community too.

So, in light of the closure of FTT, Fintech Forum was set up to continue the conversation, regardless of what area of fintech you want to talk about. Opinions, news, features, problems - let the conversation begin!

A few differences

One thing that may be obvious from the outset is there are no categories for every bank. Instead, I’ve opted for a tag approach. Your thread could be anything and about multiple banks, so this way, you can just tag in the different banks.

You can still search and filter by tag so hopefully, it’ll work quite well :crossed_fingers:

But let me know what you think and how you find it

Introduce yourself

Let’s get things started. Drop a reply below, introduce yourself, your interest in fintech, what you use and so on :point_down:


Nicely done, Matthew ! There’s certainly a space for a second forum - let this be it.

Do you plan to share its arrival with the Monzo forum?


Thanks @Graham! As mentioned, I feel that there was potential in the Fintech talk forum, but I completely understand (and admire) Liam’s position there.

I’m not a regular on the Monzo forum, but happy to share it if you don’t think it’ll upset anyone? :slight_smile:

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I know what you mean, but as I see it, it’s not a bereavement. You need to seed it somewhere anyway to draw the crowds…


Hi, great to see this initiative. I am a financial novice and find great advice and information on Monzo [and Starling until it was taken down] and I very much hope that you don’t have the same experience as Liam. I wish you all the best. R-


I’m using the same user name here as I do on the Monzo forum, so I guess most people who end up here will know what I’m like (and if you don’t, you’ll find out soon enough).

I hope this succeeds, because I do miss the old FTT forum.

It will be interesting to see how many people who aren’t on the Monzo forum find it.


Yay :grin:
I really did enjoy the Fintech Talk, and I’m really grateful to you for setting up this one.
Let’s hope it’s a big success. :+1:


I’m not sure about this, but will wait and see how it pans out.

Are there any plans for an ‘Other’ category? I note that there is a ‘Travel’ one. Do you want to discourage non Fintech discussion? I don’t mind either way, just interested in your thoughts.

I’m hoping the tags approach will work itself out in time. My view was one thread could be about multiple banks or cards (like a poll, for example), so posting it in one category or the other missed the point.

I’ve set up a few tags, which are easily extended. If it doesn’t work, it can be changed - certainly open to feedback!

I can’t see why we can’t have an “Other” category?


Welcome aboard, Ivan


I missed FTT a lot, and all credit to Liam for running it as long and as well as he did. Like many, I reverted to just keeping an eye on the Monzo forum. But I decided not to participate as it was clear there was some agnst that us “FTT refugees” might descend upon their community and cause some-sort of blind panic there. Anyways, thanks @Mathew for setting all this up. Hopefully it will be a balanced friendly place like FTT was. And great to see some familiar usernames here too! :wave: :wave: :wave:


Welcome, Roger - one of the first :slightly_smiling_face:


So as the first people to sign up, do we get a badge or access to the sub-forum for the Secret Society, or something?

P.S. loving the tags, that’s a great idea.


What secret society? :eyes:


Hi everyone, nice to see some familiar faces :slight_smile:

All credit to @Mathew for taking on the task of setting up a new forum. And, not sure if he’ll ever see this, but thanks to Liam for all the effort he put into FTT.

Hope this place becomes a busy and friendly community to discuss all things fintech!


Am glad to be here and to have a place to continue on; have tested many different fintech products here so far from Pingit to Bo to Starling Bank.

I started this journey simply looking for the easiest, feature rich bank to keep my money with along with excellent customer service.


I think this is a fantastic idea, hope this becomes as varied a place as the last one!

I’ve blossomed from Monzo into all the fintech I can get my hands on, just to try it out mostly! Looking forward to seeing what discussions we can have here :grin:


Thank you. I am RogerB on Monzo. Not sure why I went RB51, but I like it. :crazy_face: R-

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In the true spirit of all things fintech:
“coming soon” :eyes:


So pleased to see this being started by @Mathew and think it’s great to see a second forum and see familiar faces.