Tags discussion

The tags are available/visible here: https://fintechforum.uk/tags

I notice that there are a number with logos and a number without; just wondering if any help was needed with sourcing?

Also, can I make a suggestion to add: Dozens


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I suggest to add: Curve

It’s a work in progress - I’ve got to upload a new file. But Dozens and Curve are two I’m missing :slight_smile:

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Just a few additional financial institution tags that might want to be added:

  • American Express
  • Curve
  • HyperJar
  • John Lewis Finance (but think they’re part of HSBC?)
  • MBNA (but think they’re part of HBOS?)
  • Tesco Bank
  • Virgin Money

And might also want to group something around budgeting? I use YNAB (YouNeedABudget).

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Loving the tags! Is the intention here to remain limited to the UK, or is a broader more global scope welcomed here?

Some omissions for the UK include:

  • Atom
  • Triodos
  • Zen
  • Wise
  • Cash
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Other pays (Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit, etc)
  • the curve powered Samsung debit card

Probably many others I can’t think of right now (really need Peter G’s polling mastery to be as inclusive as possible here!)

Investment platforms aren’t there yet either.

Outside of the UK, we have:

  • chime
  • simple (recently closed)
  • Robin Hood (plans to expand to the uk)
  • Apple Card (plans to expand globally where they’re able to, with Canada, Australia, and the UK rumoured to be soon :eyes:)

Outside the UK, but available in many countries throughout the EU, I am missing:

  • bunq
  • Openbank (part of Santander)
  • Vivid
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Ah, hadn’t considered investment platforms, in which case can I also add: FreeTrade. Also Plum and Chip (there may be loads of other robo investment apps that I can’t come up with, those are just two I’ve used in the past)

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I added Plum and Trading212 in the last hour or so, but will add FreeTrade (couldn’t remember the name of that one!)

Will have a think about non-UK based banks :thinking:

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Apple Card - UK - soon - really? Very interested in that one. R-

I hope you will add them. The FTT-community was a little too much UK oriented to my taste. So adding the most ‘important’ non-UK banks/FinTechs, as tags, is essential in my opinion.

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I second this. Broadening the scope more globally at the very least allows us to explore and compare what’s on offer elsewhere.


Love the tags and images. Very slick!


Love the idea of the tags. Definitely the way to go - though since Discourse Search is pretty good, I suppose that searching for brands being mentioned would also work to achieve this, but it would be neater if people do decide to use them.

The category question is an interesting one though … and I’ve seen it be controversial before.

For example, I would suggest the need to expand the final category of “Saving & Investing” to cover more ‘Wealth Management’ brands, including Nutmeg, HL, Moneybox, etc.

In that case, I would suggest Dozens would be in that area (with the differentiator that we have also the current account / e-money licence) rather than primarily as an e-money provider. I suppose it would be possible to be in more than one, but that gets messy and repetitive.

I also see “investment” (exclusively in funds) as being very different from “trading”, and that freetrade, trading212 et al could be a category to themselves because of that? However, now that you can buy individual shares on a number of platforms, it is getting hard to be hard & fast about category definitions.

Thought I’d just put that out there for discussion. Listing and categorising the many apps is a useful service in any case, so it would be a useful list in addition to the tags.

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Yolt might be worth including too.

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Yolt is there, along with YNAB :slightly_smiling_face:

@tbutz - Plum was added earlier too, as was FreeTrade.

@N26throwaway - Google, Apple, Samsung and Fitbit pay have been added. Missed out Garmin, but will add that one in shortly

@Rob - Tesco and Virgin have been added, alongside Sainsbury’s, AmEx, Hyperjar and Curve

@rob_dozens - if you feel your business is more of Savings & Investment, it can easily be moved.

I think if they fit into the best fit tag, that may work. Tags can belong to multiple groups, but as @rob_dozens says, it can quickly become messy. No doubt there are cross overs


I’m being incredibly pedantic, but the perfectionist in me must point out that the T in Freetrade isn’t capitalised :slight_smile:



Well spotted. Updated :wink:


Sorry, I completely missed it, an excuse I’ll put down entirely to my complete lack of attention :laughing:

So anyway, Zopa? or have I missed that one too…

Oh, and Danske Bank…

if we had to pick one, I think that Investment would be better for us, but as a brand that is trying to offer many different services in one app, we will always upset your classification I think :slight_smile:

Maybe, while the classification is settling down and the list is growing, we could be in both?

In terms of the groupings, e-money is essentially the alternative to “banks” for current account services.

However, whether an app offers savings and investments is separate from the Banking licence discussion - so in theory many of the ‘banks’ would also need to be classified as to whether they offered investments via their app or not too.

I’d guess that most conversations about current accounts or investments would be reasonably separate

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Can Emma be added as well please?

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