Taking back your data

I thought we could start a thread, off the back of a post made by @Dan
Alternative to Google

This would be a place to highlight alternatives to not only google, but to any apps/websites, that have a stronger focus to open source and privacy oriented practices.

A couple of great websites to use, to help with this are:

Alternative to: As the name suggests, it gives you alternatives to common websites and applications

Privacy Tools: This is a good resource again for alternatives. It also gives guides on how to setup browser extensions to harden etc.

Ill start by listing my open source alternatives i use, to most closed sourced solutions.

Reddit: Infinity for Reddit.

Password Manager: KeepassXC on PC and KeepassDX on android.

Podcast Player: AntennaPod

Appstore: Aurora Store - For apps that are not available on fdroid

2FA Authenticator: Aegis

Calculator, Contacts, Dialer, Clock, Calendar and Gallery: Simple Mobile Tools

Loyalty Card Wallet: Catima

Email: Protonmail android app and FairEmail for the old google/microsoft accounts . Has a lot of benefits over the native apps from them.

Camera: Opencamera

Keyboard: Openboard

Fitness tracker: Opentracks

Screenrecorder: Screencam

Android to PC file transfer: Syncthing

Bookmark Manager: xBrowsersync

Media Player: The one, the only… VLC

Youtube: Newpipe -0 Android only, Freetube - Desktop

Most, if not all of these are available to download from FDroid

I have also setup a raspberry pi, with Pihole DNS sinker. So it can control what trackers and such gets out of my network into the hands of data harvesters.

This should give you a few ideas, should you so wish to retain some of your data!

I had this running on my network but it just killed my Sonos. Couldn’t get them working at all. Annoying

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Oh.ive had my fair share of annoyances. Usually with a little time and trail.and error. You can let just enough through it for things to work.

Alternative, you can actually just make a bypass group, which then you add Sonos to. This will then not use the sinkhole

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I’ve actually found NextDNS to be more aggressive than Pi-hole out of the box. I still have it on my iPhone & iPad but disable it when I’m at home and let them use the Pi-hole instead.

One problem I had with Pi-hole was that it would occasionally lock up which would basically kill my home network. I now have two Pi-holes in a HA configuration using keepalived.

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