The Queen

Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II


A long life ! She’ll rest well. The song says “God save the Queen” and I’m sure after a life of service it will hold true.


A lady that will long live in our memory. probably will not be equaled in length of service.
God save the King


I understand, to a minute degree, the positive sentiment towards a public figure who has transcended generations. That said, at the end of this era it’s a shame that the royal institutions are not in the process of wind down, bringing the UK political system closer to the modern era.

Should the announcement that government policy on energy could end up costing the tax payer more than the bailout of the banks not be taking precedent?

It’s utterly dystopian living in this country at times.


I won’t fuel it, but this almost certainly isn’t the thread for dismantling the monarchy. At least, not today :smirk:


Fine words…. :relieved:


Given the lack of impartiality in the media, I’m afraid it has to be said on today of all days.

Dismantling is the wrong word, correct conjuncture would be more appropriate. Unfortunately, the great British public has no exposure to alternate voices on the matter & we are a great distance from a rational approach to the institutions antiquated role within our political system.

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It is a thread about the monarchy. It’s a fine point whether anti monarchical comments should be allowed here or not.

I suspect that the song says “God save the king” now. The whole point of succession is to put the previous incumbent behind us and to get on with the new one.

I had it down as a thread about the Queen, not the institution.



So sad to hear rest in peace


There’s two of the song each with separate names, so I would say my statement rings true. The one we will use going forward is indeed God ave the King. Unless for some odd reason all of the male royals decide to abdicate in favour of Princess Charlotte.

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If I remember, I will come back after the week of mourning to talk about why abolishing the monarchy is stupid.

Edit: as it apparently wasn’t clear to some: I said after, because now is not the time.


Please do - I may well need some entertaining after a week of minute by minute media coverage :joy:

This was quite sudden, and therefore shocking, news which will have shaken many. Yes, the Queen was old, she was bound to die sooner or later, but when it actually happens a great many people will and do want to pay tribute - as I do.

For those not included in that number, nobody is forcing you to watch BBC One all week.


Regardless of your thoughts on the Queen or the monarchy, she was a lady who took her duties seriously, working right up until 2 days before she passed.

But royal title aside, she was a human, a mother, grandmother and great grand mother.

Just to reiterate some of the comments above, today of all days is not the day to debate whether there should be a King or Queen or anything else. Royalist or not, please show respect by staying away from that, that’s all we ask.

May she rest in peace.


Very well said, anybody who works so hard for so long deserves our respect and gratitude.


I think it’s very important to keep in context that many elderly people (having contributed to society in their own way, given their respective backgrounds) will have passed today, some of which in far poorer conditions, with less medical assistance having lived a much less comfortable life.

I mean no disrespect, merely that things be kept in context.

As for the BBC, I shan’t be watching it, but it’s coverage is a clear indication of it’s “impartiality” USP being a false pretence.

“today of all days is not the day to debate whether there should be a King or Queen or anything else” I have to, respectfully, disagree with this sentiment but I genuinely look forward to Recchan’s efforts in a weeks time :wink:

I appreciate your ongoing efforts to ensure this space remains open to all opinions. Thanks.

The BBC always has to be all things to all people - it is our national (although not state) broadcaster, a public service broadcaster and has a remit for impartiality in news. Clearly, it is therefore always difficult to balance these somewhat-contradictory things and satisfy everybody.

This is treated as less of a news issue and more a “national occasion”, although there is still a nod to people with republican sympathies to avoid the coverage being completely one-sided to reflect the views of the country. I saw Huw Edwards, Clive Myrie and Nicholas Witchell all acknowledging that respectfully in their own ways. Of course, we are seeing “news presenters” in the coverage because the BBC merged their current events and news departments some time ago.

Your post expresses a view which is not totally pro-Royal but remains respectful; I think that’s all people can ask for - a civil tone of discussion. I personally had great respect for the Queen but agree with much of what you are saying, although I wouldn’t want the monarchy abolished. It’s also especially poignant to me because my own Grandad died this morning.


I’m not a monarchist, I still feel unexpectedly sad for such an ultimately expected event.

I think for me it’s knowing how much grief her passing is causing. I hope everyone is kind to one another and allows themselves and one another to process their feelings however they wish to.

Big love.