Tymit removing section 75 protection

Today I received the email below explaining that from February 2024 Tymit Section 75 protection will no longer be available. My account has been closed for 2 years so will never bother me, but an interesting (if curious) development.

I got the same email and also noticed this!

Am confused how they think they can remove Section 75 and replace it with something else - not that they explain what their new “purchase protection scheme” actually is…

I thought that too as S75 isn’t optional but it looks like they’re separating the card from the credit agreement. So you’d have a prepaid card which would be funded by the loan thus breaking the link and S75 wouldn’t apply.

In other words, can the card because statutory protection is always better than an agreement.

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Okay probably time to move from Tymit. It’s been fine for me but don’t like this move at all.

I don’t want AMEX so who else does a good app based, instant notifications credit card?

I received the email as well and honestly I found it difficult to understand

Sorry to break it to you, but it’s only AmEx lmao

Or, sort-of, Curve with any V/MC.

Zopa? I know that they have a credit card and app with instant notifications but don’t know much else about it. They keep telling me that I’m pre-approved, but I have enough credit cards at the moment.

Looked at them and JaJa but neither support Apple Pay.

Real gap in the market for a proper Fintech credit card experience!

I think the thing is, gap in a market doesn’t mean a viable business case in the market. Especially when Barclaycard makes its app look better and your only USP of being a Fintech is now gone

Just like how all the big banks started moving once fintechs started improving apps

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Jaja have recently added Apple Pay

JaJa are also behind the Asda Credit card. Bizarrely I got offered £500 more credit limit with Asda than JaJa direct!

Going to give this a go and bin Tymit. Only use a credit card for the sector 75 protection and pay it off each month so bit spooked by the Tymit announcement.


RBS credit card now has instant notifications and fee free abroad options

Because it likely you would spend more on the card with Asda and I think they get a kickback from Asda for opening and maintaining a account with them

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Jaja offered me £2,500 and Asda Credit offered me £3,500.

I think they made that choice based off the activity on my Asda Rewards account to be honest.

I’ve been watching Jaja for a long time but was never invited to apply so quite excited to see how it goes with the Asda Card.

Waiting for Tymit to close my account

Was the apr on Jaja card high like the one stated on the website and is it foreign currency free, I was offered £2000 with the Asda card I wanted it for the bonus ended up liking the App it just perfect

You could just let it sit there maybe in a sock drawers

I don’t look at the APR. I never carry a balance.

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The Jaja Vanta card which recently launched on the Jaja website is a near prime one.

I would expect those with good credit records to be offered a lower APR/better limit if applying for the Asda card