Tymit - Who uses it? What do you think?

I’ve been following Tymit for some time, but I’m curious how popular it actually is, and what you think of it?

I’ve been looking for a more fintech type credit card (no particular reason, other than being nerdy). So, does anyone here have experience of it? Any good points? Any sore points?

I’m really starting to hate the word ‘transparent’ :nauseated_face:


And for me, it’s the longest interest free on purchases deal I can get.

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I have it and to be fair it’s pretty good. Instance notifications, spread all or part of the bill over 3 month interest free.

When you make a payment instance notification of receipt and immediately clears your balance.

They have DD’s but Apple Pay and Google pay are not live yet - coming soon :eyes:

I think they have a fresh UI coming. I know Amex is well liked by people on the forums but i quite like Tymit.

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It was dreadful when it started, but it has improved substantially since then. Customer Services were absymal sorting out what I thought would have been a relative minor problem (me paying the bill early seemed to have sent them into a tailspin).

This :point_up_2:

My Tymit card came about because of my need for a decent back up to my main (Nationwide) credit card.
Originally, I had a Nat West C/c as a back up, but they cancelled it because of lack of use
(Not much good for a back up card which I only needed to use very occasionally)
Next was Tandem, which are alas no more
Then onto Aqua, who kept pestering me because I didn’t use it enough, so that was cancelled
Read up on Tymit, and decided to give them a go.
As a back up card, I find it great. Small purchases paid off in one go, slightly larger ones split over 3 months interest free (yay :grin:)

The Amex is used where possible purely for the Avios (I will get a free flight one day lol)

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I don’t think I have ever looked at the APR on any of my credit cards over the decades.

Probably because I always pay in full each month, so never pay interest.

I’m curious now as to what APR rates I have signed up to since the eighties :thinking::grin:

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I had a Tymit card and got rid of it. I had various issues with the app. Perhaps they’ve improved it since then.

I got one when they first became available. It never worked as a physical card, despite 3 replacements and failed around a third of the time with online shopping. As somebody else mentioned, paying early or partially paying, sent the whole billing system into a spin. Also, the verifications that some retailers do by charging a small amount to the card would fail to drop off the account after a few days and actually be charged to your account.

Over a year after closing the account it is still showing as open (but up to date) on Experian.

I wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole.

I really like tymit now it has a direct debit option.

Has very similar features to the FinTech banks so it’s the only credit card I use now. Just needs Google pay which is coming soon.

The app does seem a bit basic but it does the job and they do seem to be making an effort to improve it.


I stopped using it because of the payment issues, and was tempted back by the direct debit option, which worked.

They also accused me of not putting the reference number in when I did. I got the same semi-literate woman responding to all complaints, which led me to believe that staffing was minimal

TBF, I did have a minor issue when I first took the card out which to their credit was sorted quickly and professionally.
I do find that their forum is a pretty good place to ask questions and maybe raise issues
(Queries always answered quickly, with good info pointing you to the right place to resolve issues)

I use it, the app is :poop::poop: in all honesty. The design looks dated and old, the app fails to load 1sr time, always have to load it twice.

The payments screen is messy, if you overpay nothing in the app makes sense.

In short I find it easy to get so lost within it, that I’ve no idea what’s going on. Not exactly good from a tracking money spent and owed perspective.


I use Tymit all the time and I love it, I’m looking forward to the redesign and Apple Pay and then I’ll be happy.

Whilst the app is buggy, sometimes the bugs work in your favour, for instance you can trick it in to giving you infinite 0% instalments just by changing your plan and changing it back every now and then.

Support hasn’t always been great but has been improving.

One thing I would say to new users having seen a lot of people criticisms of it is don’t think of it as normal credit card, if you want to pay a lump some off, rework your payment plans in app first otherwise it just clears bills month after month rather than splitting it across your remaining ones.

Tymit feels like the only Credit Card so far that’s trying to something different/new with a credit card and for that I commend them :slight_smile:


Agreed - much more promising than Jaja, I think.

Though it’s not quite there yet, it does feel like they’re finally finding their feet, particularly since the last big update that really sped up the app.

The main issue for me is the credit limit. I know every provider has their own criteria and all that (before anyone mentions it!), but my Tymit limit is wildly lower than any of my other cards to the point where I don’t benefit from the USP - 3 months’ interest-free credit - because I can’t put big purchases on the card anyway.

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They have just announced that they are going to be reviewing credit limits


What does everyone class as large though, your large could be smaller than mine

I really wanted to post a “that’s what she said” gif but instead so as not to ask people to reveal their credit limits personally I would suggest I consider the following:

  • Small - Up to £2500
  • Medium - up to £10,000
  • Large - up to £25,000
  • Look at me :money_mouth_face: over £25,000

I’ve just seen the email, mines gone up 800 which is nice


I’d agree with your assessment. It’s really annoying me that my Amex limit is 4.5x my Barclaycard limit (and I could probably easily get it to 6x if I asked). All I want is a Visa/MC with a comparable limit to that of Amex and I’ll be sorted for life. I don’t look for 0% offers or anything, just something to take with me abroad with a comfy limit