What wallet are you currently using?

Just an interesting chat about what wallet everyone is using to store their funky fintech debit cards & other cards :slight_smile:

I’m currently using the Misc. Goods Co. V2 Wallet

I have a Paul Smith card holder, couple of slots on each side and black leather.

I have looked for a new one, but can’t see anything that has quite enough for what I want. I know if I buy one that means I don’t carry my work cards, that I haven’t used in 15 months, then I’ll end up back in the office and it bulging/not fitting.

P.S. Anyone who says they have a wallet and it has a coin pouch, you do not have a wallet, you have a purse.

P.P.S. If you money carrying device has any velcro, it’s worse than the above.


Bonus points if it has a camouflage pattern on it and a chain.


For everyday use I currently have a £3 eBay knockoff Apple MagSafe Wallet. Just enough to carry my licence and Amex in case Apple Pay is not accepted somewhere (if they don’t take Amex or Apple Pay I guess I’m stuffed)

When commuting, I used to use my Secrid Slimwallet. It can accommodate 6/7 cards and has a note fold bit which I never use

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Apple Wallet only here, even when abroad in Europe

If I need to carry my license though or need a card for example outside of Europe where contactless isn’t widespread, I carry a kangaroo leather wallet I picked up from Etsy.

I do have a Saddleback wallet too as well as a Secrid and Ekster around somewhere

I’ve quite a few different wallets collected over the years but I tend to rotate between three favourites. Currently using this one from Alexander McQueen:


I love that wallet. That looks very clean and minimal

Currently using a dark mocha Akielo slim wallet, £14 from Amazon

Impressed with it too - it’s now 15 months old and wearing well.


My trusty old wallet…

Mine is actually a much older model and is still going strong after over 20 years. :grinning:

I could get away with a slimmer one, but this holds all my cards no matter where I go and I’m just to lazy to swap cards around as I need them :joy:

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I suppose it doesn’t matter that it’s a bit bulkier when you can just put it into your handbag.

My iPhone is my wallet. The backup physical card I take with me goes down the side of my shoe. It’s an anti-mugging tactic, so in the event I am mugged I’m not left stranded without access to cash. Unless of course would be muggers start wising up to this and check what’s in people’s shoes too.

I do keep looking at this wallet though:

And I’ve thought about one of Apple’s MagSafe wallets too.

It’s not actually as bulky as it looks lol.
Quite easily fits into a front pocket :upside_down_face:

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When I mug people now I’m going to ensure I get the shoes too

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Reminds me of the story Stephen Merchant told on one of the old Ricky Gervais podcasts; He started to carry a decoy wallet with a library card etc in it to give away if he was ever mugged, but then he was worried they’d get more annoyed when they realised they’d been tricked, so he started to carry a 3rd :rofl:

I realise this has probably given you an idea and sort of swiss army knife style coat with 84 pockets and a wallet in each.

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Who needs a wallet, when you’ve got a phone with it all on.


We just need a digital drivers licence


Whilst this is a valid point, there are times we go out “sans phones” just for the peace and quiet.
Plus there are still quite a number of places that still impose a limit on the amounts you can pay via Apple/Google pay.

I may be in a minority these days, but I still prefer to have my physical cards with me.


I am 20 I don’t even breathe without my phone next to me

Are there? 99% AFAIK don’t, so if that’s the case I’d just say “all I have is my phone on me can you split it into multiples” (if there’s no detriment to me doing so) or “sorry I’ll have to go somewhere else as I only carry my phone”


There are. I just make it a habit to avoid those places if there are alternatives. If they want my custom they need to earn it by accommodating how I prefer to do things.

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Back on the subject of actual wallets, here’s a couple I have tried, but not used on a regular basis.
(Both Ridgeback)

Maybe I should try not to be too set in my ways and start using these. :joy:

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