Yorkshire Building Society Thread

As the Savings recommendations thread will not allow me to be the only one to keep posting on it, I have started a separate one for discussion about YORKSHIRE BUILDING SOCIETY and their products.

Me again. This time with an alert on another Yorkshire Building Society push for customers’ money.

Launch of an easy access, but restricted to six penalty-free withdrawals per anniversary year, plus closure, account at 2.50% Gross/AER variable - Loyalty Six Access eSaver

Need to have been a YBS customer for at least 12 months.

If you have been, take a look :eyes:


@Mathew can you check the problem @Breezy is having, as he was right to attempt using the default topic first?


If getting as much deposited as possible was their aim, why would they limit it to existing members?

I think it is a forum rule that applies on any thread.

One person cannot submit three consecutive posts, without reply.

The system prompts you to edit the previous one, but that defeats the object of trying to highlight new information.

It then prevents you from posting your new draft.

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