You can no longer reopen a closed account

Monzo are telling people they no longer reopen closed accounts. Not after 30 days or 12 months. Just never, that’s it :person_shrugging:

It’s all well and nice boasting about how you will reopen accounts after just 30 days but I’m presuming in reality there’s a good reason other banks make you wait 12 months.

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I’ve never been a Monzo customer and nor will I ever be, I believe I just don’t fit their demographic and the colour of their card just sucks :laughing:. I don’t understand however why people seem to be getting so upset at a business decision Monzo appear to have made by not allowing former customers to reopen accounts. If a bank firmly let me know they didn’t want me as a customer again after leaving, I’d be like, “Yeah, ok, whatever” and I’d go elsewhere.


With any other bank I would agree but people are under the mistaken impression that Monzo is their friend. Then with threads like this people realise they’re just like any other bank.


:rofl: I think you are so right! And therein lies the problem, some people really do think that their bank is their friend. A banks sole core business, is to make money. If you’re not making the bank any money, then clearly they’re better off without you. I quite like the banks I currently have accounts with (though the Jury’s still out on FD as it’s a brand new account), but I don’t love any of them enough that I wouldn’t dump them in a heartbeat. I will say though, I would obviously now be very careful about just dumping an account, especially an App only account.

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There’s something being missed in this thread, which is important. Monzo have stopped re-opening previously closed accounts.

They have not stopped offering new accounts (if you are accepted) for previous customers who want to join them again. This I know, as I was able to do it in Dec 2021.

Whereas with chase once you’re gone, they don’t want to know about you for another 12 months in any way


Yes, I see the issue. But obviously when former customers (from how it reads) attempt to reopen an account via App, Monzo’s system just isn’t allowing it? Or is that incorrect? Why is there this issue of a customer not apparently being able to open an account because a telephone number is still registered to a previously opened account? It just doesn’t seem to make any sense?


With any other service I’ve had to do this with the only option is to reopen the closed account because it won’t let you open a new account with the same details.

The people in that thread seem to be being denied both options.


Monzo have stopped allowing people to re-open previously closed accounts. I believe at one point if you logged in and it recognised your details it would allow you to re-open the old account rather than offer a new one. So, you can’t do that anymore.

As far as I know this doesn’t stop you from applying for a brand new account, but via their customer service cos the email address would need to be unlinked first.

This is as I understood it from that thread.


Ok, so ultimately then, it’s down to Monzo CS to decide whether or not to allow a former customer to reopen an account albeit a brand new account because their own systems (it would appear) will not allow re-registration of a former customer’s already held details?

The banking world is a funny old thing. I’ll refer specifically to Monzo here because I do read the forum and so I have read multiple accounts of people moaning because Monzo have dumped them as a customer and closed their account for allegedly no reason and without offering an explanation. It should however be remembered, that CASS works exactly the same way, i.e. a customer of a bank can just dump their bank by switching with zero explanation to the bank and the bank can’t ask the customer why they’ve been dumped. So it works both ways.


No, it appears they are not allowing that, either. They allowed me to open a new account last year because I’d CASSed my old account but they seem to have stopped doing that now.


This is what Monzo told someone:

As you already had an account with us, we would look to reopen your previous account of yours rather than opening a new one for you.

However, currently we are no longer re-opening closed accounts and therefore we can’t offer you an account

To me that is saying there is no option to have an account again at all if you had one before.

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That line looks absolutely crystal clear to me :laughing:

To me and my unqualified view, it’s a dead easy way of not allowing unprofitable customers a way back in, customers that have been less than honest about where their funding is coming from or customers that have seemingly been ‘disloyal’ and buggered off elsewhere only to decide later that they really didn’t want to cut up their pink card.


If that’s the case then that’s interesting because I remember someone at Starling being being far more transparent by bluntly saying they don’t want customers like that who switch all the time.


While Monzo would just rather lie and pretend they can’t do it, rather than be honest and just say “no thank you, go away”.

On this basis, I’m going to stop taking it personally that Monzo wouldn’t reopen my account.

But anyway, that was then…. and like @Topsy2, I never particularly felt like one of their core demographic. My interest was more about challenger banking, and they were first up. :smirk:


Thankfully from my own perspective, I held off diving straight in and I’m glad I did. For me, Starling got it right and still has in my personal view. They got down to business, sacked off their forum once it became apparent it was nothing more than a vessel for whinging and then just got on with improving the product. Former Monzonites who can’t get back in, should probably just see it as a good thing and just move on.

As for Chase, well if some of their customers have dumped their accounts within just a couple of months of opening them, then I fully support Chase in not letting them return within whatever time frame they see fit. A former customer might complain this isn’t fair, but as I mentioned earlier about CASS, that’s ultimately a customer’s individual decision and they can do it without explanation, so a bank should equally have the same discretion. Well of course they do anyway because if they don’t want you anymore, they’ll close your account and legally aren’t obliged to give a reason.

So former Monzonites, as Graham has said, don’t take it personally if Monzo won’t let you back in.


Your quid pro quo point about banks saying no thanks to ex-customers is absolutely right, @Topsy2.

Not sure why one would junk a new account within weeks of opening. Probably a lot to do with ease with which one can. Repent at leisure, unfortunately.

The whole Monzo thing does seem a long time ago now……


I can understand why they do this. I have used Monzo at least 5x to get switching offers at this point, lmao

I can confirm you always had to ask them to reopen an account via support / open a new account with a new phone number though. You could never just “reopen” in the sign-up flow.

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And yet, I’m likely same demographic tbf.

Perhaps they just haven’t sussed that yet :man_shrugging::rofl::rofl:


For me this is a very weird quirk if these neobanks. Phone numbers change, and tying a number to a customer is just silly. Other banks allow you to come and go as you please, not sure why these “challengers” think they’re different

And in Monzo’s case, I’m sure it’s only temporary, as no bank would ever want to just not allow previous customers back, ever. Features and needs change so what didn’t work a year ago might be just what someone is looking for now