You can no longer reopen a closed account

Presumably Monzo is trying to increase CLV and work on retention, rather than having people test it out etc.


I think this seems to be down to individual circumstance rather than “no old customers, ever” but then again I don’t work for Monzo so this may not be right.

I was able to re-join in Dec last year, perhaps if I was to try now they’d turn me down?



Brand new customers only!


Let them do whatever they like, once I run out of accounts to switch for the free money, I will surely open one with them and switch that

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It was never an option (for me) as I CASSd out each time I tried and was underwhelmed. I just used a new email and Mobile number each time. Haven’t tried recently as I’ve have spare current accounts elsewhere and they have no USP other than the Coral card now.


recently switched a joint account from Monzo to Santander, and this closed my Monzo account. Yes, it was for the switchers cash. I wish i had used a donor account to switch. :frowning:

But … i’m struggling with the santander app. the main thing i miss from monzo is the “tomorrow’s” payments showing in the account feed - telling me a DD was coming out ‘tomorrow’ and also the amount (not a view of upcoming payments based on last month’s amount).

I still have a personal monzo account, so tried to open a joint account again, but no dice. They “cant offer me a joint account right now”. :sob:

I dont want to go with Starling (use them for business already), and from looking around, HSBC are the only main bank to offer a similar tomorrow’s payments app feature - and a joint account.

Think I may shift the direct debits back to my personal monzo account, and just forgo a new joint account.

And ‘try before i buy next time!’.

Revolut tell you at 10.37pm the night before…

Chase sends you a notification for this.

Most probably it is just a little flaw in their system that would be beneficial for them to correct in future. Their technical team at least should be able to help a customer manually and erase saved data so that a new account can be opened.

I asked Monzo customer support about re-opening or opening a new joint account, and they said NO. :sob:

Interesting. It is your privilege to find a different bank that values every one of its customers. :slightly_smiling_face:

To be fair to Monzo, at least they’re straight up with you, they clearly don’t need your custom and can do without you.

Similarly with Chase and those customers who sacked Chase off because they didn’t think the bank was moving fast enough for their needs. Chase for example is a massive organisation that makes Monzo look like a Friday night gathering at the local bingo hall. I’m absolutely with Chase if they won’t let former customers back in because there are plenty more new customers joining up.

Monzo allegedly have ‘millions’ of customers, so I doubt they care much about the few who have left them and changed their mind later. I’m going to sack Starling off soon and I genuinely couldn’t care less if they never let me rejoin.

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The issue with Chase is they initially told those customers that they’d be allowed back after 12 months (which is your typical standard policy with banks), and are now telling those same customers that they can’t reopen their account after leaving.

I think it’s just a case of they haven’t built the functionality to allow for it yet, as opposed to a never means never thing.

I’m not sure what the difference is between reopening a closed account and opening a new one. I suspect it gets conflated with the new banks as it’s all tied to your phone number, but I certainly know people who have returned to Monzo as a new customer providing they use a new/different mobile number. But haven’t been able to reopen when trying to use their previous number. I suspect it’ll end up being the same with Chase, if someone wants to test it?

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Seems a bit harsh if you’d had to close a joint account down due to relationship breakdown etc

Imo fintechs offer a half baked joint account offering

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Monzo not letting them open a new one is probably more a result of being half baked as well. I’m not sure what’s going on with the joint accounts honestly, I don’t really follow as I’m not interested in them, but I did try to open one as the community were trying to confirm something and it told me no as well. I’ve never had one in the past either.

In fact, in the new interface, there’s no mention of joint accounts at all to even look at, let alone apply for!

Possibly the same as how you can’t add another person on without them opening a single named account - this is no issue with practically any high st bank. It can’t be a tech issue though?

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It will be a tech issue in the sense they have no solution for it, making it a technical limitation, but not in the sense they couldn’t implement a solution and build a process for it.

So yeah, half baked through and through.

Said it better than I could :joy:

The worst example I’ve seen are joint Monese accounts - where standing orders are not an option, but are on single accounts…

That experiment lasted a month…


I don’t think it’s unfair to say that most banks probably couldn’t actually care less about their customers. If the personal relationships of customers break down, it’s not the banks problem unless there’s outstanding debts then of course they’ll do everything they can to get their money back.

Monzo have had years to remedy any issues around existing phone numbers relating to allowing former customers to rejoin the fold. It’s a bit of a poor excuse really. Just as they’re not interested in introducing cheque imaging, they could have done so by now if they wanted to but clearly they have no interest in doing so.

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There is, if you click “Add”. Though maybe only if you are eligible?