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I keep getting invites to sign up for this [I do the YouGov surveys] and have so far resisted. Anyone part of it? Apart from the initial points there seems to be more in it for them than me. R-
YouGov Finance: Consumer Transaction Data

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That YouGov stuff always feels far too much effort.


I do it. £50 per quarter for 10 random accounts which have basically nothing going on in them other than monthly ‘money movearounds’, and in the case of Halifax accounts a single £500 credit card payment or savings deposit.

It’s renewable every 90 days (when open banking auth expires).

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I find it minimal effort, but then I have 10 spare accounts to share with minimal data.

In return, I have received £250 this tax year :smile:

Easy money!

Thanks @WillPS and @Breezy. I don’t have spare accounts. All mine [4] are active in day to day life somehow. I am reluctant to engage on the basis that I suspect it is yet another opportunity for someone to send unwanted marketing material to me. Do you find that to be the case? R-

Upon reflection, you’re right - it’s not a huge effort. I think it came along for me at the wrong time and I didn’t do it justice.

It’s renewable sooner than every 90 (besides AmEx, that i have to let expire before being able to confirm the consent as it fails otherwise) , you can refresh the auth about 2 weeks early.

I also do it, with 10 accounts that I don’t really use. Free £50 isn’t to be sneezed at.

It’s just data brokerage, only they actually pay you for your data before selling access to it to others. Whilst I personally think it’s quite invasive and know all too well the privacy dangers (such as personally identifying and profiling scarily accurately an individual from the aggregate), unsolicited marketing shouldn’t be one of the consequences.

It’s more for profiling. Tesco currently know everything you buy from them. The data will teach them what you buy elsewhere. Which they could then use to entice you to buy that from them. In essence, your club card (if you have one) would get ever so slightly creepier.

So it’s not really free money. You’re selling them something for them to sell to others. So you have to decide if £50 is a good value for your data. It’s certainly better than how most others would compensate you for the same privilege. If you have the spare accounts it’s probably an easy decision.

On a slightly related note, a couple of friends of mine earned a fair bit during the covid lockdowns just for taking covid tests and reporting the results. £600 each in total over a few months IIRC.

I’m surprised they’re not brought up more frequently as a way to earn a bit of extra cash on the side.

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Thanks, great explanation, much appreciated. My inclination is not to participate. As said, I don’t have spare accounts and do not really want to open any just for the purpose. I can live without the £50. R-

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Yes, if you only have a few accounts, it takes time to get the 5,000 points to claim the £50 reward.

I have umpteen accounts and, for the purpose of YouGov Finance, fund most of them with £5 each month and then they move a £1pw to my lower-interest savings accounts, just to register transactions and avoid dormancy.

On top of that, the surveys help increase the points weekly too.

With the maximum 10 subscribed, it does provide a nice stream of income, £200 or £250 pa.

I do NOT attach any accounts that have receive my monthly income, or my day-to-day spending (Chase), nor my regular use credit card. One added credit card will show my monthly SIM, the other my monthly Google One subscription. No additional spend on either.

They can do what they like with that data, though I guess it would not influence any marketing greatly.

I have never received any marketing to the email address provided to YouGov either. Again, it is not even my primary, or secondary, email address. It’s one I use for spam, such as the result of using comparison websites.


Thanks @Breezy, for taking the time to set that out, you seem to be yet another well organised soul. R-


It is absolutely good value from those accounts sitting around catching dust apart from the weekly transfers amongst themselves and then repeat.
I have not yet received any targeted marketing whatsoever, so I do not know if it helps them or not.


They won’t pay more than £50 every 90 days tho (there was a bonanza earlier on where you could add any number of accounts for £5 a pop, but that’s over now).

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Pretty sure they will? I renew mine early and get points

Immediately? I thought it was hard limited at 90 days!

Awesome if not, pays to read this site, that and the Complete Savings tip from the other thread will have me a few hundred quid up this year.

Within the standard 48h, I’ve gotten some a few days ago at least 10 days early

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A nice 200 points for 20 mins of tapping while drinking a hot choc today, but gawd was it boooooring! :man_facepalming:

Still, as my normal surveys are 50pts for 15 mins effort, I feel like I have had a bonus today :rofl:

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Yougov Finance has closed. I have a friend who joined yesterday and their points have mot yet shown up.

I’m not surprised. I for one didn’t feel comfortable with handing over my financial info to what I imagine was an organisation unregulated to hold it. Could be wrong. R-

I did ok with it tbf.

Now rewards gone, so has the access to my data.

Just surveys now, to get to that 5000 mark, then I’ll pack it in.