I’ve already stopped using it. Not closed it. Just letting it sit there, for now.

Given no reopen rules from some places, probably best to leave it dormant rather than closing. Who knows, maybe they’ll really up their game in time.

I’m not holding my breath

The more I think about it, the more I think it’s like the infamous “Blackcatcard”, where the couple of staff there are manually transferring credits and cashback either because the tech doesn’t work or because they’re short of cash. Maybe “Lauren” is so busy responding to “Where’s my cashback?” queries, she hasn’t got time to credit it !

We have checked with our partners and, whilst cashback is typically paid within 7 - 10 working days, it can sometimes take up to 30 days to appear in your account, depending on the merchant you’ve shopped with.”

This sounds like complete BS - who are these mythical “partners” who are withholding the cash ? Amazing that all 3 of the merchants I shopped with all have problems, isn’t it?

On a point of clarity, is your account still showing no spend?

If so, your issue is about that and not cashback. Have they specifically ignored that question?

Yes, and yes, they ignored it

Mastercard, their payment processor (Modular if I recall correctly), and Apple/Google.

It’s not necessarily that they’re withholding your cash. There are just clear long standing bugs with tracking it efficiently for whatever reason and they’ve never been able to fix it.

They’re lacking in the tech department to properly support such a feature. It was a very rushed to market customer acquisition tool, and given it was never fixed I’m surprised they’re still continuing with it via Apple Pay at all,

I would suggest there would be far bigger consequences in the world if Mastercard’s or even Modulr’s systems for identifying MCC and/or divvying up interchange commissions were not working correctly.

This is an Algbra problem and the ‘not our fault, blame our partners’ line has never checked out as far as I’m concerned. Even if it were true, it is a terrible CS message to blame a ‘partner’ (who the consumer has no arrangement with) for anything, IMHO.

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They haven’t blamed a partner by the looks of it, they just said it’s 7-30 days to get the cashback

Personally, it’s not worth enough to me anyways for 0.5% on top of what Chase gives to have to double check because it’s not as transparent a process as Chase’s process (where you can see the exact cashback amount)

Not that it matters - they closed my account anyways lol


I don’t think there is a great deal of mal-intent, they just have proper 1 man band vibes. I only ever spoke to a Matt, I think they split the customers out amongst 2 or 3 people.

i put their account on hold too, I only use it with those people who want tom pay me back. Then immediately send it out. I could not keep up with chasing after cashback that is paid and you cannot even trace what transactions have been paid and which ones haven’t.

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My last transaction was 4 Nov.

Cashback finally received 22 Nov


I got some of my cashback about a month after the spend. Now the app doesn’t show the balance and I couldn’t find anything in the guidance to restore it. It happened last month as well, and I had to uninstall and reinstall the app to get it back.

Mine has done the same. Made me sign back in, via email and passcode, and now it’s all just blank on balance and cashback earnings, though tap transactions and can see list :man_shrugging:

Ok then. So uninstall, reinstall, three attempts to login before finally accepted.

Account emptied. Cba with this any more.

You’re not alone. I was very pro-algbra at the outset. I’ve never had problems with the cashback even though the amount of column inches we’ve given them far outweighs the return.

No. On Saturday my account was frozen. First a bank transfer out failed then an ApplePay transaction was declined. There’s no CS except for fraud/emergencies at the weekend so I was in limbo till this morning.

I spent the weekend ensuring they had the facts from my end via chat & email.

  1. On Friday, I’d sent a chunk of change to fund the month’s ApplePay purchases. I’d meant it to be a regular payment but starting on 30th December. As a result I’d double funded and wanted that money back.

  2. My attempt to retrieve it by bank transfer failed. Then an ApplePay transaction was rejected shortly after.

  3. That was that till today. To be fair it was fixed by 8.35am without my further intervention.

That was scary. Old and wise though I am, the mind plays tricks - which it did all weekend.

  1. I thanked the chap who’d emailed me and asked if he could shed any light. He said he could say nothing about the reason for the stop.

I think it’s the swift attempt to retrieve the funds.

If that’s so, should’nt they be able to say so?

Anyway - I’ve defunded.

I’m still being ignored by their support as a returning ex customer. No emails get answered at all. What is this, honestly?

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I’ve been looking at their web site. On the face of it, their mission is commendable (if rather unfocused) and I wish them well with that.

The banking side of algbra, though, feels almost like a bolt-on to that bigger picture. No sense of cohesion. I wonder if the fintech bit is the afterthought it appears to be, and staffed accordingly.

No response, or “computer says….” responses just don’t cut it. I too, am flummoxed.

What is their mission? I only care about the card :sweat_smile: