This is the trouble with Algbra, Kroo etc - they’re newer but only just catching up with older features

Curious about “tribes”. Wonder if that’ll require everyone to have an account with them, or if somehow people can pay in directly?

I imagine they’ll need to be Algbra customers. Really like what they’re doing there though. It’s exactly the sort of feature that elevates the whole pot idea to actually being useful for me.

Chase were exploring the same idea a while back but it never went anywhere. N26 has it in the EU. So I’m glad someone is finally doing in the U.K.

I’m hoping the ability to pay from cubes will be like Monzo US’s pay from pots feature.

The fintech landscape has always baffled me though. It’s a very saturated market. So many players, yet they all just seem to offer the same old boring stuff inside a different wrapper, and don’t develop any of the actual new and interesting stuff like fintechs and banks in other markets do.

Algbra’s also been pretty stagnant for a while too, so it’s nice to see some more stuff from them.

I don’t get these savings pots. It’s so easy to set up your own ‘pots’ in a budgeting app like MMEX. You can move money in and out without marking the transfers as reconciled - so your reconciled balance with the bank is your total account balance, and your own available balance shows the funds you can spend. It’ so straightforward and you are in control.

I think that some people do like the pots feature as it is very simple, does not require another app or any ability to budget or make a spreadsheet.

If you can do it all better yourself then pots are not aimed at you.

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Looks like Algbra will also be extending their cashback offer.


The expiry date (14th Feb) has disappeared from the rewards / super cashback section of the app, sounds promising, especially as I forgot to put the £500 into chase last month.

I move £500 from Skipton to Chase to Club Lloyds to Nationwide to Halifax for debit card to Skipton on 1st working day of every month, so never fail atm :blush:

And yup, small print of 14 Feb 2024 has disappeared from within my Algbra app too :+1:

Is this all cashback, or just the Apple and Google Pay cashback?

I can’t see anything on there about the regular cashback, is that still a thing, never ordered a physical card, sorry, don’t know, just the ‘super cashback’ (pay by phone), which has lost the small print expiry text.

Nice. I forgot the chase step last month as haven’t used chase for a while!

To be honest, I’ve no idea. I haven’t used Algbra in some time. I can’t see anything referring to it, so I’m guessing it’s not offered any more

Yeah I see no mention of it on their website, but the 1.5% is still prominent in the rewards section. Makes sense, part of their ethos is to reduce waste I guess.

Just Apple Pay/Google Pay offer I presume given the other one ended some time ago.



Until June 30th of this year.