Atom Bank thread

Confirmatory emails regarding the rate increase appear to have been sent by Atom today.

Just got a notification from Atom saying that my annual statement is ready. As always (and I mean always whenever I get a statement notification) it’s not there - the last one is April’s statement. It usually takes another day or maybe two to appear.

Is it just me, or is this a general issue?

Unfortunately quite common. LBG Credit Cards is another where the ‘x statement now available in your account’ means ‘will be there in a day or so’.

Virgin Money credit card and Barclaycard are also guilty of this. It’s bloomin’ annoying.

Atom One Year Fixed Saver has hit 2.6% AER

Five weeks ago (08/05/22), it was 2.05%, as I nearly put some money away in one, but instead chose a Shawbrook 6m fix at 2.0%

Looks like the right decision now :smile:

In fact, significant increases in last two months:

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Grrr - 2 days after I took out their one-year fix at 2.3% :joy:

Atom Instant Saver increased to 1.35%.

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There’ll be a few who’ve used the itchy trigger finger. :smirk:

It feels like “Easy access” is best for now.


Do Atom have a dark mode?

Unfortunately they don’t yet.