Atom Bank thread

Is this the Revolut thread now? :thinking: :rofl:

In Atom Bank news.

They still offline after upgrade started at 3am :scream:

Thanks @Breezy - beat me to it.

If any further Revolut-related posts emerge, we’ll move them.

Not sure what to expect from this key update. Something grand would do just fine.

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It’s poor form for those hoping to move any money swiftly today.

Key update was supposed to be 3am, so guess this extended period of non-access had not been considered for on the contingency plans.


Such as dropping a clanger or two. :joy:

Well, I am in no rush for my £1.98 anyway :rofl:

I wonder how many (like me) didn’t close down their app before re-trying to open?

Saw this just now. Looks a bit like an afterthought.

In future, that tip could be included in the downtime message itself.

Only a little thing, but makes a difference.

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Instant access is now 1.9%, beating Marcus.

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