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Yes, there is some of that. I’m certainly not torturing myself over it, though. Happy just to have it there in the background for now!

They’re using my product, the implicit expectation of allowing me to develop it further is there. If they don’t like that, they should go to another provider who sells perpetual licensing agreements.

not when it a) causes no harm and b) is to develop my product further and c) is unavoidable to progress

i think it is, i’m trying to get certain data for specific usages that i’m trying to influence (e.g. i may want to promote my new feature or deprioritise another feature). it’s not seeing your morality etc, just where you click and how often

I wish you’d have started off with this, going to leave the rest of what I’ve written since I’ve already written it.

good (enough) rate, cashback, ability to link direct debits to the good (enough) rate accounts, relatively okay app. would be great with the few minor changes i mentioned

waiting to see what rewarding banking will be once february comes

like, 99% of the complaint here is not wanting to be cross-sold poor value products

I suspect Chase as a product will never be good enough for you, just like most of the banks out there are unable to provide everything such a demanding customer requires. I’m personally not expecting any further extension to cashback come February or indeed anything at all to replace it. Doesn’t mean I will dump the account though because at this juncture, it’s still better than Starling’s tired app and their grossly pathetic in credit interest.

I guess my own opinion is quite selfish to some extent. I’ve absolutely no interest in the whole Nutmeg thing and I’ll never get myself involved in the crypto game. Chase Bank isn’t perfect but then none of the other banks are, just differing levels of good, bad, brilliance and utter crap.


You might be pleasantly surprised come February then!

I don’t think I am a demanding customer, RBS nudge me within the app sometimes to get me to use their other stuff. I have the option of clicking “don’t show again”. or, it’s in a separate section all on it’s own.

Think about it. Saving and investment shouldn’t even be it’s own tab. Saving should be one and the other should be investment. They’re only bundling them to sell to you

Thing is., I’ve no interest in sitting down and analyzing it in the depth you are. You’re effectively whingeing over something you have no control over. Really. If the Chase App irks you so much you have to pull it apart that much, why don’t you just move on from it? There must be a holy grail of a banking App out there that will suit you enough not to moan about :laughing:

Clearly we’re not all like you, @Topsy2 - which is fine :slight_smile: I understand where @Recchan is coming from because I get the same way about UX design, app layout, etc.

I wouldn’t want to “move on” from what is, behind the scenes, a good or promising service (and I’m not referring specifically to Chase here) just because the app layout and interface is not quite as I like it.


The fact is Chase is throwing money at people at the moment. Let’s see what happens when they’re not.


Ditto :point_up_2:

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I think you sum it up towards the end. Perfect doesn’t exist. It doesn’t free the non-perfect things from critique just because I use them, just as I don’t agree with tax going towards some of the things it does, yet I still pay it. (I get this is not a choice but same kinda deal. There isn’t any better choices available)


If I don’t raise my expectations, then there will be no disappointment if they pull the cashback.

To be fair to Chase, they are a bank, a business, they of course want and need to make money. They shouldn’t really be chastised for attempting to sell products by bundling them in the way you don’t particularly like.

Agreed, but I doubt people will dump them in droves if they don’t continue with cashback. Those that really aren’t happy with the overall Chase product will leave anyway, but if they do, then they should be declined from rejoining for at least 2 years in my opinion.


Far more likely that people will just be apathetic and do nothing, I would suggest.

Why? Things and circumstances can change. I sort of get a 12 month re-join ban but 2 years seems really harsh


Because at the end of the day, it’s of no concern to a bank if a former customer’s circumstances have changed. As long as a customer who decides to switch out or leaves because they’re not happy with the bank’s overall business model, doesn’t leave a pile of debt on their way out, the bank can just wash it’s hands of them in the same way as the customer does. So personally, no, I don’t think a prolonged ban on rejoining is harsh.


I pretty much agree. It is seemingly so easy to leave and rejoin legacy banks (energised by the switching incentives) that it has become an expectation that the process should be frictionless.

Upon reflection, opening a bank account should be rather less trivial an event than it actually is. I can see why a bank might choose to apply a re-qualification period (ban) particularly if it takes the view that what it offers shouldn’t be taken and dismissed lightly.

I’ll get my coat….


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Good comms - but you know, I’d finish with a “sorry for the inconvenience”

Just for balance.

I’m just gonna drop it here and say that the maintenance timeline is stupid as hell

Just do a single maintenance period lol, why 3-4 different ones on the same day with some overlapping. How am I meant to remember that?

To be fair you’re just giving yourself even more of reason to dump Chase and move on. They clearly have their reasons for the timings and there’s nowt you can do about it. I genuinely couldn’t care less myself :man_shrugging:

If you’ve ever critiqued our NHS I hope you’re private now since you believe (and it’s a weird belief that I believe to be inconsistent with reality) that critique means you can’t use a service

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