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Defaqto only rates the Chase current account with 2 stars

This time last year Chase did not support direct debits - a basic staple of current account functionality in the UK. I mention this because according to that same page:

Our Star Ratings are updated every year on 1 February. Throughout the year we review the criteria with the industry and conduct market research to set robust standards. Our ratings are published here, on our website, ensuring transparency.

They have done one maintenance period, 00:30 - 05:00.

They’ve then expanded on what will be happening at the various points within that window. If that’s too confusing for you, then don’t worry about reading that bit and just don’t use Chase between 00:30 and 05:00 on Wednesday.


I know where I’ll be between those times, tucked up in bed, so rather selfishly, I’ll try not to let Chase’s maintenance schedule bother me too much.

I’d be interested to know if you’ve actually bothered to raise your critique with Chase themselves? It seems a bit odd to me that you’re evidently happy to publicly moan about Chase maintenance schedules if you’ve perhaps not complained directly to their support team? I’m guessing you haven’t contacted them because if you had, you’d tell everyone as part of your public critique.

Yes, I accept this is a forum for discussion, but you have to keep it balanced. So you use Chase but you’re not happy with aspects of their overall service which includes maintenance times. How about just accept it or move on? As you mentioned about the NHS, I have found it impossible to register with an NHS dentist within 80 miles of where I live,. I’ve now gone fully private because complaining didn’t get me anywhere. What I’ve ended up with going private, is a much superior service albeit at a cost.


The number of people who will be put out by a maintenance period between 00.30 and 05.00 hours can probably be counted on one hand.

Points made all around on the maintenance issue. Let’s move beyond it please.

Would be surprised if there’s less than 6 customers abroad at once

So speaking of throwing money at people…

Last month I got locked out of the app again and Chase rejected my ID/selfie to log back in. Had to call up a few times, and the agents were less than helpful: “nothing we can do, just try it in the app again”. Eventually I got through to someone who was able to manually review my photos and get them approved.

So I asked to log a complaint and have someone investigate why it kept failing and fix it so it doesn’t happen again next time. They responded really quickly with: please accept a £25 goodwill payment for us to resolve this matter. I foolishly accepted before realising what this meant when they sent me a letter to confirm I’d agreed that my complaint was resolved and closed!


So once CS had resolved the issue, what was the essence of your substantive complaint?

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The work we notified you about is taking longer than expected. You’ll still be able to use your card as normal, but you may get a second transaction notification a few hours later. We’re working as fast as we can and will be finished soon.

Bad luck! Always reply with “this doesn’t reflect the time and effort I’ve put into resolving this”.

Do you ever find any success with that?

Every once in a while. And nothing to lose by trying

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