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Chase have now implemented open banking

Just received this email from MoneyHub informing me that Chase have now implemented open banking, and connections can now be made through the MoneyHub app.

We are thrilled to announce that Moneyhub now offers Chase as an open banking connection.

A lot of you have been (ahem) chasing us for the availability of this connection and we have worked closely with Chase this year to get this up and running.

This currently will only work on mobile devices and you will need to ensure that you have the Chase banking app already installed to establish the connection.

After a few attempts (received a connection issue message multiple times), I managed to finally get the connection made.

I assume other alternatives to MoneyHub will follow suit.

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Open Banking just arrived with MoneyHub. Finally have visibility of all of my accounts in one place :tada:

Emma already has it. It’s a bit buggy on their end but I’ve been playing with for a few days now. Monzo Plus getting it will be killer for my setup. Hopefully they’re not far behind.

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I’ve just taken a swing at Moneyhub now that Chase are on board. It looks interesting - but I hate paying subscriptions…. (although £1.49 a month isn’t onerous :thinking:).

Anyway - back to Chase. They’ve delivered Open Banking. What’s next……?

Credit products… the future is now.


I’ve noticed like some others, despite being on the latest Chase app version, I don’t have the switch to us option in my feed. I even deleted the Chase app from my iPhone and downloaded it again and after going through the process of my driving licence and a selfie, it still didn’t show up.

Patience is a virtue. R-

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Same here. I typed “Cass” into the search box inside the Support tab. Got this :point_down:t2:

Yeah, same here

It’s a phased rollout. Doesn’t seem to be any kind of pattern as to who has the option so far and who doesn’t.

I say this daily to my dog! :joy:


Tap your profile and you’ll see it.

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Well spotted, that man :relieved:

It’s not there for everyone yet.


To be fair, I’m genuinely actually not bothered about the option not being there for me. It just strikes me as odd that after installing the latest app update, I don’t have that option when others do. I just can’t see any reason why Chase just don’t roll it out to everyone at the same time.

I’m still waiting for dark mode :new_moon:

Really would like to see joint accounts soon, it would really tidy things up for me and the missus.

Staged rollouts are very common in software development. It allows a company to check performance, stability and hitherto unknown bugs before making it available for all users.


Todays update has given me the switch to us menu option :+1:

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I’m sure Chase are using “feature flags” to roll out the switch option. I’m still running v2.9.0 (781) on iOS - not upgraded yet to 2.10. And while the switch option wasn’t available to me last week, it is today.

What does Chase mean on that part where they say “On your Computer?
I don’t see any link or directions to a browser version.

It means you can download your statements from the app and then open them on a computer

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It’s been put to them on more than one occasion that “Your computer” doesn’t really scan in the context of the messaging. The first challenge was just after launch.

I don’t think they get it, I’m afraid.

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