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Oh ok thanks the wording in the app is very unclear and for me mentions £1000 not £1500 so even more confusing

That’s odd: I’ve just updated the app and that exact paragraph still states £1500, though you seem to have an expiry date quoted, whereas I don’t…

They’re still on the old version of the offer, which lasts for 12 months. When it expires, they’ll move to the new one so long as they meet the new pay in requirement of £1500. The wording in their app will also update at that point to reflect it.


Makes sense!

The recent nerf of Avios → Nectar conversion rates means I’m making some use of 1% cashback now; for merchants who aren’t a supermarket (Natwest Reward CC), don’t accept Amex (Nectar CC) and finally aren’t likely to fall foul of Chase’s MCC exclusions (Avios Barclaycard).

The slightly awkward part of my current setup is the Santander Edge CC - which pays 2% on the first £750 of spend. At the moment I’m just putting the first £750 of spend through each month, but I’m finding that pushes some non-Chase-eligible spend on to the Barclaycard which could have been better placed on the Edge card had the Amex or Natwest card been used earlier in the month instead of Santander. More refinement needed.

(On the other hand, we’re probably talking the difference between 0.5% and 1% on under £200 of spend, or in other words 50p-£1!)

The boosted 5.1% instant access saver appears to now be available for all. Expires in January.

Current account interest is going away.


Mine expires 4 November…

If you close that account, apparently it will then offer you the new one till January.

That’s anecdotal from MSE.

Me personally, I’m still saving elsewhere at higher rates (NLA)

They need an ISA at that kind of rate

That would, indeed, be a fine outcome. :grin:

I have one at 5.08%

Close enough :grinning:

Me too, but Chase need one.

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I have the plum ISA ~5.17%

T212 cash ISA at 5.2%, which is why my savings aren’t in Chase.

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Very impressed by Chase’s ability to set up scheduled recurring payments from the savings account. I don’t really understand why it’s such a rare feature but very much appreciated.

(Unfortunately it doesn’t have a ‘fortnightly’ option, but I was able to automate to cover some Plum DDs by just setting a weekly transfer for half the amount instead.)

I restored my phone from backup and chase is making me go through the ID verification to login to my account. It’s been on this screen for hours, should I try to call or no choice but to wait it out ?

That is the most frustrating thing I’ve found about them - I’ve done a couple of resets of my phone and had to got through it. Once it took ages and then came back with a failure and I had to start it again. It would certainly prevent me considering them being a main account.

Think you will need to just wait it out, there’s maybe a big influx of new/ returning users due to the savings boost which might have contributed.


I’ve just re-opened the app this morning and it’s now logged in as normal.

Never got the text message they said would be sent when ready, so no idea when it actually happened.

Makes me really anxious to keep a large amount of money with Chase when it takes hours to login. I would understand taking some time for a new signup, but an existing customer logging in - not really acceptable to me.

This is something every digital only bank does, unfortunately.

Chase’s is the least onerous of the three IMO. Starling’s is primarily why I binned them off the third time and haven’t looked back.