When I had an uphold account - this was the bank I sent money to. But didn’t think you could deal with them directly?


‘For a private person who is a citizen of Estonia or a person who has a valid residence permit in Estonia’

I think they provided services for Ziglu IIRC

They can also open accounts for Estonian e-Residents iirc, but that’s going to be a 300€ investment every 3 years iirc

I’m not sure if personal accounts are included in scope for that either, might just be business accounts

I don’t think what I posted could be clearer

I will let you all know how it goes with Cynergy - have heard nothing since I used their “Jumie” service.

I don’t think what you said could have been clearer either :slight_smile:

" If you do not have an Estonian passport, ID card or residence permit, we will ask you to submit additional documents that prove that you have a connection with Estonia."

  • a copy of your identity document
  • documents that prove your connection to Estonia

Examples of suitable documents:

  • signed residential lease agreement
  • signed employment contract
  • certificate from an educational institution regarding enrolment
  • document substantiating connection to enterprise

So, in effect, you have to live or study there, or do (serious) business there.

I think a small business would also work, as long as it’s serious. To remove the ambiguity of serious having the second meaning of large [amount of]

I’m also assuming that the list isn’t exhaustive, as long as the bank is convinced

Regardless, what you said is still wrong. You can have an account without residency, stop trying to hold on and pretend you were right lmao

Who would have thought Estonian bank accounts could invoke such debate!

Thanks for the insight guys, happy to keep discussions around the scramble to replace Fineco going, but let’s keep it constructive & cordial :sunglasses:

Reminds me, HSBC France may be an option, although I think they were trying to sell it at some point

If memory serves there were several HSBC France outfits. Some at least are very picky. Despite me actually moving over to live in France, they still wouldn’t let me open an account.

On the Estonia front, I wonder how much it costs to enroll in a uni there? I know some EU countries are incredibly cheap and indeed free (Sweden does almost OU style distance learning in English at next to no charge). Might be a way to that Estonian bank account.

I think I would run the risk of my Revolut, Algbra card etc getting picked up for an ATM fee over that :sweat_smile:

Actually, I’m thinking that there’s an outside possibility that Chase might ride to the rescue here. Some US banks refund ATM charges. I know Schwab do though you need $25000 to open an account from the UK, so a bit over the top to save on holiday ATM withdrawals.

Might come with the paid for Chase offering as that’s the kind of US account that tends to refund ATM fees. Also hoping for included CDW.

U.S. banks are the most profitable outfits on work because of softer regulations on the big money makers

Honestly, we could use deregulating to the U.S. levels. New York, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong will kill us off at current rate

Especially the new consumer duty, it really has had no commercial considerations. The LSE is in the midst of pushing for major reforms to keep its position as a hub too

Slight deviation to the future of the City of London!

In terms of Fineco replacing, I contacted Cynergy to ask them if my digital verification had worked, they said yes but the concerned application opening team may not be aware and that it had been passed on. Originally he wanted to brush me off on the phone. No further news today, will give it till the end of the week & decide whether to persue or give up.

It will never happen - LDN has never escaped the EUs regulatory orbit and post the next UK GE will gradually move closer until it’s fully aligned (bar some minor divergence to save face) as part of the EEA or full phat EU.

Stop huffing the copium, London will never fail. Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo all survive without a larger regulatory body.

Worth noting that finance centres often apply for something called “equivalency” which lets firms trade within the EU with acknowledgement that their country has different but adequate rules to trade in the EU

If I recall New York has this status and London will get it provided the EU actually plans to play fair with the United Kingdom, if it doesn’t, they only proved the Brexiteers right to leave

I could see us joining EFTA, but probably not the EEA/EU as it requires the politically impossible task of reintroducing free movement, as much as I’d like to be able to move where treats me best within the EU with ease

Agree to disagree folks :slight_smile:


Hi all. I think given the divergence this can be closed. There is another open thread where we have been discussing alternatives to Fineco in the past - see here:

Given it’s closing, I won’t merge any posts for now.