General TSB Thread

Here’s hoping the next bank transfer bonus isn’t so complicated. Not so bad when you’re doing it yourself but I’ve to explain why you need 2 DDs, £500 deposit and either 5 or 20 debit card uses per month to get £230 or £260 by March three times. And not forgetting Quidco’s £30 in October!

I reckon either Virgin or Nationwide will be next.

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I’m always up for free money :money_mouth_face:

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Well, Goodo, but nit-picking though it may be, are they giving 10 customers the chance to win?

Reads like 10 going into the draw which it ain’t. They surely mean they’re gonna give 10 customers £10k each.

It’s ok - my coat’s on……:smirk:

I read it as 10 customers each but maybe I should go and re-read it aha :see_no_evil:

What did you conclude from that ?

10 customers will win 10k :slight_smile:

My conclusion, too.

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TSB has paid my £125 switch incentive. Initiated switch on 4th August.

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Yup, me too, just been paid it in the last couple of hours.

That’ll be it from TSB for me, I just don’t use the account enough to get the additional £75 and I’ve absolutely no interest whatsoever in going to the lengths some are doing by setting up payments through Amazon etc. I’m not going to lie, I dumped Starling for TSB solely for some free money and because I was just utterly fed up and bored with Starling’s app.


Just got mine. I’ll stick around, I don’t think the criteria for the £75 are particularly bothersome. Leave 2 direct debits, move £500 in and use the card once in a while. It’s whether to step it up to the 20 card payments for the extra £5 that is effort imo!

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I see nothing bothersome here. I have the automated Amazon top ups for £1 daily that I won’t touch until I get all the free money. For the £500 requirement I just included TSB in the standing order of £315 that moves weekly through Lloyds, Halifax, Natwest, and RBS then repeat to make sure I also meet their requirements. Everything seems passive to me.

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I received the £125 too :upside_down_face:

I think I’ll stick with TSB as I’m not usually too fussed about switching bank accounts. It’s my main and only bank account currently, so spending via debit card easily adds up to over 20 payments / month easily, so the extra £5 is a little bonus.

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For those thinking the £75 offer is a bit long winded this might help - the two direct debits do not need to leave the account every month - they just need to be active. I have it here in writing :slight_smile:

“Hello. Thanks for getting in contact with us today, and for opening an account with us. The direct debits would just need to show as active on the account, as opposed to having to show as debiting the account each month. Providing there are any two active direct debits on the account each month between 01 September 2023 and 28 February 2024, along with meeting the additional terms and conditions of the incentive, the additional £75 cashback will be paid by 31 March 2024. It may be worth ensuring that any additional direct debits set up are showing as active on the account before cancelling or moving the direct debits that were initially transferred across. Further information around the incentive can be found here:
I hope this helps. Cath”

I did the 20 card payments this month but I’ve decided to tap out of that on month 2. I’m £135 up and happy to just add in the £75 by meeting the “stay” criteria (£500 in, use the card 5 times only and keep two DDs on there) as opposed to the spend & save bit.

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Must admit I can’t see how you can have a direct debit active, but which isn’t drawn on by a merchant (unless it’s long dated, such as car insurance renewal?).

There are those taken annually, bi-annually, quarterly, then those irregular ones that are taken when needed.
What Lloyds told me is a direct debit is deemed inactive if not paid within 13 months. I guess TSB could be having a similar definition for an active DD instruction.

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Thankyou - useful to know. :relieved:

I think what they’re saying is it has to be an active direct debit instruction, if it were to be called upon by the merchant it would function. It’s a bit like when you get an in app notification of a direct debit being setup, from there on its active. One of the two I’m leaving is my annual car tax, happens to go out next month but it’s in the direct debit list. Another is a credit card which usually won’t claim as I just pay it manually but the bank won’t know that (it could be an annual one that would fall outside the 6 month period for this “stay” offer)

Here is some wording from TSB “ No, there is no minimum value, and there isn’t a set timescale required for them to be claimed. As mentioned above, the direct debits would need to be active, but this does not mean that they need to be claimed by any set time. As in some cases, a direct debit can be set up for quarterly, bi-annually, or even annual payments. Many thanks. Alex”

To be honest if I were being precious I’d take steps to ensure the direct debits claimed to make sure, but I have written evidence and now I have the £125 I’ve got most of it. There are no other switch offers I’m eligible for right now so happy to let it run its course without triggering PayPal payments or deliberately leaving a bill on my credit card etc.

Some may also find this useful - I asked them if top ups to Revolut via debit count. They said yes, the only things that don’t are cash withdrawals or branch based bill payments.

All I have to do now is pay in £500 and top up Revolut 4 times back. The credit card and car tax dd will be left untouched and as a result active (I hope!. I have my Lebara phone payment going out for one to save a tap. If it doesn’t work I have written evidence should I be bothered to persue it.

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Well - Nationwide have launched a 2 DD £200 offer…that is tempting. Could make the above a load of guff and see me shimmying along.

The other alternative would be to switch my main RBS account but I’m not sure I want to rock the boat there right now, they’ve just given me decent credit limit increases. I could make a burner account and set up two direct debits - but that on top of the hoops for TSB £75 could be a step too far for me.

I still have Ulster sitting there so need to sort out two DDs. MSE have a list of places that do them and there’s a couple at £1/month.