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For me personally this sort of thing should be a cherry on top of consistent feature addition and/or UI improvements - neither of which I feel Monzo have achieved in some time.

No issue if people want the card, but replacing your main card seems a total polava. You can get multiple physical cards from one source elsewhere, perhaps if Monzo offered this improvement alongside the cards it might be a bit more of a gain?

Beats people chucking cards in the bin and/or losing cards they’ve already gone through a paywall to access.

If I wanted a nice new bright card, I’d prefer to open a new account and test that out than replace my only source of payment on an account. This is particularly pertinent with Monzo as the virtual cards are paywalled whilst free elsewhere & as far as I know don’t work with mobile wallets but I may be out of date here.

Well, the more serious side is what it reflects about monzo’s priorities. They’ve got a recognised brand and are squeezing everything they can out of it, with a big questionmark to me when it comes to (good) value.

So you’re saying a bank shouldn’t capitalise on their brand recognition?

Of course they can do whatever they want and if it works bully for them. As an armchair critique/enthusiast its perfectly valid to question whether or not it really makes them a stronger fintech prospect or if it shows they are perhaps running out of ideas.


Does anyone know why people post photos of Monzo staff members faces as if they know them? :joy:

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I won’t ask you to point out examples, but your query casts my mind back to the initial days of Monzo and the importance that was attached to the forum or community as an asset to brand development.

In fact, I recall many a thread where the product and the community were conflated and regarded as part and parcel of the same thing.

It was a great way to spread brand awareness, but led to confusion later. That, particularly so, when Monzo the bank actively distanced itself from community activity.

I realise my response doesn’t in any way answer your question, sorry :smirk:, but it does remind me of the fluid relationship which evolved between community members and the bank.

I guess people have nostalgia and this marketing exercise brings it back? I think that’s what people are getting at here, it doesn’t feel like anything innovative.

Do you mean the great, Monzo staff-sanctioned bad photoshop memes?

Yes I was just a little confused - have some of the long term community members met them in person?

Genuine question.

It’s just a bit of camaraderie between some of the more longer-standing community members and staff that post there. I don’t see what’s unusual about it…


No problem - like I said - just asking

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I have gone ahead and ordered a yellow like the colour.


Unsure how three new coloured cards can warrant this sort of engagement? What on earth could they all be talking about :man_facepalming: