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I love that Kroo Card Design. I’m definitely going to find a use for the Kroo Account. How does the app look. I’m still on a prepaid account.

Any screenshot worthy changes to the app?

In all honesty, I didn’t give the pre-paid app much attention. The latest is slim and rather N26 in appearance. Onboarding was a breeze and CS is very responsive - combination of in-app chat and email.


Seems different to the prepay app. Some screenshots wouldn’t go down badly if you have time

Interesting that they’ve gone with Visa, must be the first new Visa Debit card issuer in a long while (excluding Revolut who seem to give out different symbols based on days of the week!).

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Ok. Home Screen….

Card management….


Yeah it’s the same app. Thanks for the screenshots. I really am a fan of that card!

I spoke to support and got told I can get my invite to convert to a current account in as long as a month or so as it’s a slow phase.

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I have switched my Kroo Emoney account to Current Account, it was seem less and quick, Since I have secured my spot as one of the first maybe 1-100 cos applied almost immediately the notification came, I have informed my friends about it I thought I should share😊 I’m new here btw


Welcome @rebel. Glad you’ve signed up with Kroo. There’s an existing thread on the topic, so I’ll move your post there. :blush:


Just had an email to say I’m top of the list and can apply :blush:

Not sure I have any use for another current account now though tbh.


Just updated the app and was able to apply in the app without in invite

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Maybe just take it and watch it develop (and if it doesn’t - no harm done)? :relieved:

Hard search involved?

Just opened Coop for the switch bonus :blush:

It’s a soft search

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Thanks guys.

Yeah, found it in the T&C when applying.

Application submitted.

Now to wait :blush:

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No quick onboarding process then :man_shrugging:

Still waiting.

Not in any rush though tbf.

I’m still waiting too. They seem to be very slow at onboarding. Maybe it’s due to capacity or because they are newly regulated and a bit nervous

Well, I am now part of the Kroo :blush:

(I’m sure that pun is intentional :rofl:)

Noticed a couple of strange things (to me) in the Account Limits.

£300 limit on ATM withdrawals abroad, but only £200 is free :man_shrugging:

50 card transactions a month with your debit card. Sounds a lot, but I’ve checked my Chase for last month and I came close to that, 49, so may not be a true every day spend card for those that use it for everything.

That said, neither of these are likely to cause me any concern tbh.

Added money from Monzo and transfer was instant, with notifications hitting my phone from both banks super fast.

Now to test it out. Adding card to Google Wallet was child’s play.


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Why would they have a limit on this? Is there any other issuer having a similar limit?

Starling bank have a 50 card transactions a day limit I think. A month is harsh