Monese Current Account

I read something about 3pm CET - which I’d have exceeded. So I’ll expect it on Thursday morning :sweat_smile:

What puzzles me, though, is if you’ve missed the 3pm deadline - surely it’d make sense for you to revert to the equivalent of having sent it before 11am the next day?

It seems odd that sending it at 4pm today would result in it arriving later than sending it at 10am tomo!

(To give context Monese say it’s same day if you send before 11am CET)

@Gaoler do you have any experience here?

Yes, just lined up my last few Starling to Monese EUR transfers. It gets confusing quite quickly, but here they are… Times are GMT

Sent: 2 August 11:34
Received: 2 August 17:06

Sent: 28 July 10:35
Received: 3 August 16:34
(weekends throw the whole thing wide open, but possibly also AML checks etc?? )

Sent: 27 July 16:35
Received: 28 July 16:19

Sent: 26 July 17.24
Received: 28 July 16:19

All these were below EUR 2k. Above 2k, I’ve had the money just turn up back in my Starling account at the time I’d expect it to land with Monese

Short answer is - give it 48 hours, working days

Edit: I think it’s because 5pm GMT is effectively the next working day as far as Monese is concerned

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Opened a joint account to test it out - how odd - no option to set up a standing order when it’s standard on the single account?

They replied - they do not offer the standing order feature on a joint account?

Seems like a gaping oversight?

Very strange. It seems no one can really be bothered to do joint accounts properly!