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Gatehouse is Sharia ?

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It offers Shariah-compliant products and is overseen by a Shariah Supervisory Board. Their website makes for really interesting reading.

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Monzo bumped their easy access saver to 3.2% from today. Within hours of the BoE upping the base rate. That’s the fastest move ive seen from any bank yet. Awesome stuff. This how to lure me out of Atom. Beat em at their own game.

Or maybe a month late from the last bump up.

Given the product launched two weeks after that bump at the same 3% most settled at following the bump to 4%, I don’t think so.

Chase just upped their rate to 3.1%.

Ooh, pushing the boat out there. Without oars :man_facepalming:

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Shame they didn’t skip the decimal point: I’d be able to buy some cheese next month.
I wonder how many person-hours it took to hit that 0.1 decision…

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Atom now at 3.20% AER easy access

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Just received an email from Santander that the eSaver Limited Edition (Issue 1) is being increased from 2.75% AER to 3.25% AER within the next 5 working days.

I shifted all of my savings out of Santander to Chase several weeks back when they fell behind other savings providers. Now I have to decide if it’s worth my while shifting everything back to Santander :person_shrugging:

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A lot of to-ing & fro-ing likely with so many rate changes.

I’m unashamedly moving stuff around. After all, it takes less time than it takes to type this.

And that includes ISA funds.

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Moving funds every five minutes too Graham.
Goldman cash ISA > Barclays has taken over a month though (paper auth. was required).
By the time the money arrives, it’ll no doubt be time to shift it again…


Yep. When there’s a decent chunk of change involved the benefits are worth it. And it’s sooo easy :blush:

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Do you happen to know whether ISA funds still earn when in limbo?
Balance left Marcus two weeks ago and may not land on Barclays crumbly old runway for another two weeks…

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There’s no gap in earning as the old provider ensures interest until transfer day. All good. :relieved:

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I cba with the changes. Not big enough for me.

Already have some on 3.21% at Zopa and some at 3.20% with Monzo and Atom. I’ll leave those there.

My Chase ones are connected to DD and SO so will stay in situ too.

Santander will be down to a £1 next week when final scheduled payment leaves for my HSBC RS.

Mine’s all with Chip at the moment at 3.40%. Happy to move it if anybody beats that rate.

Chip just doesn’t appeal to me, regardless of rate.

Can’t understand why savings rates are still so low. ~1% lag on easy access to BoE base rate is huge.

Luckily for my needs I’m able to cover everything (other than LISA) off with regular savers and Barclays’ Rainy Day Saver, but if I held a larger balance which I didn’t want to fix away I’d feel pretty done over right now.

It is what it is - I’m not going to lose sleep over it…