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You can’t do percentages as yet, but I think it’s coming soon (for Monzo)

Ms Boden, 63, said it was “not really appropriate” for Starling to continue to have a shareholder as its chief executive. She still owns 4.9% of the company and keeps a seat on the board as a non-executive director.

Very sensible. Good on her.

She’s proven so many doubters wrong. She’s made an incredible achievement.


That’s a nicely-presented website and report.

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A few attacks from Anne in there.

Free virtual cards mentioned several times and they do not seek growth at any cost.

They plan to offer mortgages to their customers as well which is very interesting.


Looks like virtual cards for joint accounts are inbound soon!


I can see them now in my app.


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Noticed these new T&Cs about Account Information Services and talks about accounts with other providers

:eyes: :eyes:

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Starling won’t be supporting android 5 soon which was released eight years ago. Just in case anyone needs to get a new phone :grimacing:

Just noticed this. Is this just a privacy thing? :thinking:

Makes sense now!


It does indeed. Good move, Starling.

I feel like if Starling does this they should internally flag and report abusive messages that would constitute harassment to the authorities.

Domestic abuse victims getting child maintenance from an abusive ex - ignoring it entirely because they’ve turned it off in the app? sounds like what would tip one of these donkeys over from verbal abuse to physical

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Thin end of the wedge though.

Whilst the notion of giving the customer the ability to effectively hide any potential text from view is a neat response to iniquitous behaviour, deciding what is and what isn’t offensive must still lie with the recipient.

A nicer refinement for me would be to enable the stripping out of sender text before the funds arrive in view. That way the offensive text would no longer be sat there hidden, but viewable.